Self Portrait


I’m Doina – a published author and a photographer. When I don’t write, I document people’s stories with my camera for One Muse Atelier. Candid, honest, emotional, for I try to create in each photography a narrative itself.

I approach my imagery with a romantic sensibility, aiming for perfection and beauty in every shape, object, or moment, while my overall creative direction is the evocative, unpolished, light-filled composition.

Let’s make something great together!

Photography Services

PEOPLE. Family & Business Photography.

– Family portraits, engagements, and other family events.
– Business photoshoots: Team portraits & work environment.
– Reportages for your business events & workshops. 

PRODUCT. E-commerce & Social Media Photography.

– Product photography on monochrome backgrounds.
– Photography with the front, side, and back of the product.
– Lifestyle photography with props and models.
– Video Product Presentation.

Portrait at Bahá'í House of Worship, Illinois, Evanston