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    Photography Services

    Where is your studio based?

    One Muse Atelier is based in Chicago Metropolitan Area, Illinois, but available to attend events throughout the country, if needed.

    How do you usually work on product photography?

    Usually, my clients send me their products via mail. I take pictures in our studio, and as per request, I send the products back after the work is done.

    How do you set your quotes?

    The quotes are tailored according to the requested services. There are a series of factors that influences the rates. The type of photography (event, product, portraits), hours, locations, number of photos, etc. Yet, we can draft the budget together, so you get the most from our collaboration.

    Do you provide video services?

    I provide video services only for products presentation. Mostly, these videos are on a monochrome background or in use with or without models.

    Do we get to choose from the raw material?

    Usually, I select the images and provide you with the final result, but we can agree on that at the beginning.

    Do you ask for deposits?

    Yes, 30% of the agreed amount.

    Do you have any further questions? Use the form above to get in touch.